Mike Epps Buys Back His Family House

Mike Epps is famous, funny and definitely rich. And like many black people in America, Buying Back The Block is a THING!

Earlier today, the actor took to his Instagram page, where he posted the image below.

Of his two caddie, packed on his property. Which of course, is a property that saw his birth and childhood.

And hopefully, more blacks will get the message and continue on this path of property ownership in their hood.

Mike Epps

Old Hood new whip new whip old hood #buyyourblockback #79caddie2020caddie #sweetindiana❤️”

Mike Epps

“On the porch of house I was born in 50 years ago. We lost the house in the 80’s. I told my mama I was going to get her house back. So I bought it back 20 years ago. Since then it’s been remolded. Trying to leave a legacy for my all my girls. 🏚.#buyyourblockback #indianainindiana🌹#thankyougodforeverything #takecareofyourparents❤️”

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