Who is Will Smith Oldest Son?

We started from Will Smith and Jada Pinkett recent infidelity scandal, visited the topic of Will Smith first wife and now we are going to be talking about Will Smith oldest son.

For those of you who read the last post on Will Smith, you already know that his first wife gave birth to a son. His first and oldest son.

People get to see more of Jaden and Willow Smith. Maybe because they are the product of the current marriage or because they have managed to make a celebrity brand for themselves.

Jaden started out as a kid actor and is popular due to the success of some of those movies. While his younger sister has made songs that has allowed her some dose of fame.

But in all, their parents celebrity status is a factor that has enabled them the privilege of making more out of their artistic careers.

But today we shall be talking about the first child. The oldest of them all, who is not as popular as them but has his own shine as well.

Will Smith Oldest Son

Who Is Will Smith Oldest Son?

His name is Willard Carroll “Trey” Smith III.

He is the product of a failed marriage. A legacy of a love that went sour. He is the first impression of Will Smith on Earth.

And he grew up in a broken home and had to live life with a lack that cuts really deep.

His parents got married in 1992, and his mothers name is Sheree Zampino. This was fives years before Will Smith got remarried to Jada Pinkett in 1997.

Will Smith oldest son was born in the same year, of his parents marriage. Exactly on November 11, 1992.

Many kids from a divorced home grow up to have bad relationships with their parents.

Between Trey and his dad, that relationship has been a journey. A journey of friendship.

And every friendship is defined by Struggle, no matter how silent.

His relationship with his famous father has been a struggle but one that has brought them very close to finding Healing and Forgiveness.

Will Smith Oldest Son

According to Will Smith. In a video that was shared on Instagram. He gave the world a glimpse of how far himself and son has gotten, in their walk to making a Stronger Bond.

In the video he talked about how his oldest son, considers him “His best friend”.

According to the video.

“So I’m in Abu Dhabi at the F1. I brought my son Trey,” Smith says.

“We been hanging and usually I take my kids separately on stuff just so they have their individual daddy time.

“So we been doing this, me and him, we hanging at the F1, and he just hit me with, ‘You know what dad? I just realised you’re not just my dad.’ He paused and he said, ‘I’m pretty sure you’re my best friend.’”

It is easy to become victims when a marriage breaks down. It affects everyone involved but it is the child of that marriage that gets the worse deal.

It is therefore a good thing that Will Smith oldest son has somehow managed to grow above the nightmares of growing without his mother and father.

Trey Is Also Into Music

As a child he appeared in the music video for his father’s 1998 single “Just The Two of Us”.

And now, as an adult with freedom to chose his path in life, making music was that Choice.




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