Bobrisky Before The Arrival of Change

No one knew Bobrisky before the bodily change that has bought him both fame and notoriety. No one knew this individual until he decided to create change in his life. A change that must have angered Bobrisky parents

Until the change, Bobrisky was just another ugly unknown Nigerian youth with a perverse mindset covered in poverty. Now he has become a brand that some misguided few are now going online to search for Bobrisky net worth.

I have had the need for change on many occasions and on many occasions I have ignored those yearnings and for my failure to carry through, I have stayed stagnated for a long time.

Coming back into blogging after years of abandoning the dream and passion, is coming at the expense of quitting my hob last year September.

I was tired of not moving forward in life even though I was employed. The time sacrificed for a poorly paid job for a graduate was just too much. I felt exhausted and that was when I sought Change!

I floated my ambition for blogging. I started the engine of persistent belief and effort and Colored Writers was created as a means to an end. With a dream to one day become one of the biggest Nigerian blogs.

And I fill more freedom and ambitious even though I have not started making money from it. I changed the narrative and now I am the author of my own financial journey, one I know would yield great profit.

Bobrisky before

My story of stagnation is how this drag queen felt before Bobrisky became the brand that would incite lust and freedom in the hearts of  closeted Nigerian homosexuals while inflicting great pains in the hearts of Nigerians who wish he is burnt alive.

The important lesson to jot down at this junction is that CHANGE is an important element of manifestation.

When we take change for the creative power that it is and focus it at a particular end, it can only lead to another reality. And whether it is good or bad, is dependent on YOU!

I decided to write about Bobrisky before the arrival of change and the consequent popularity that followed.

So that I can set a current example of the great power of change.

Before the dude became a baby doll he was just another UNKNOWN Nigerian.

Many people want to become great in life but they stay the same, year in and year out. No skill is added to their resume. They do nothing to improve their value overtime but yet they hold on to dreams of greatness that can not be achieved with the same narrative that has stayed as the central theme of their lives for years.

This is why they remain unknown! This why the world is ignorant of their talent and wisdom. This is why they grow old and die (miserably and unfulfilled), because they STAYED THE SAME THEIR WHOLE LIFE!

They did not seek out change. They did not leave that miserable and abusive relationship. They did not did not start a business. They did not chase their dreams no matter what, because it didn’t feel RIGHT!

And ultimately they did not bother to survive the human experience by becoming the best versions of themselves.

Bobrisky before

They did not bother to go out there into the world and dare to conquer it. They did not dare challenge their greatest fears! So they became a life time victim to an ILLUSION!

All Bobrisky did, was change from a male to a female and from a black person to a white caricature!

It wasn’t even a good kind of change. It was the negative type. It was all about sexuality. It was not about fighting for the general good of mankind. It was about the self.

And look at how far the change of sexual orientation has taken him.

Maybe that is the missing piece, that grace you have been asking from God. But what he wants is for you to start the fire so that he can send the right kind of wind to kindle bright embers into existence!

Maybe the missing piece is for you to continue onwards in search of success after NYSC, and not come back to your beginning.

Maybe the missing piece is for you to quit the job and start your own, investing all you have into floating a personal dream.

Maybe the missing piece is to go back to school, get the required papers for the next major level in your life.

Maybe the missing piece is to start a family instead of waiting for when you become a millionaire.

Maybe the missing piece is to finally build a belief system either in man or in God.

Maybe the missing piece is to accept that you are not an island and that it is okay to give and share in the support of others.

Maybe the missing piece is to become less of a religious lunatic and start to understand that it is okay to be a sinner sometimes.

Maybe the missing piece is to start speaking your truth and drawing lines and imposing strict punishment on those who take you for granted.

Maybe the missing piece is to finally man up and tell your child hood friend that you have always loved her and would want to make her the most important woman in your life.

Whatever you chose to do, would require change to provoke people to notice you!

It is time to stop being afraid. It is time to go outside the box and take for yourself, a space.

Bobrisky before his drastic transformation was a nobody and that was all it took for the world to take notice.

You don’t have to come out as another gay pretender. You don’t have to damn culture and craft an abomination just so that you can become a brand or popular.

Chase your dreams and interact with the different opportunities of change that come your way.

And the world will take notice!

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