Bobrisky Parents And Abnormality Hard To Discard

With the cultural bias against Nigerian homosexuals, it is safe to assume that Bobrisky parents felt angered by the lifestyle choice of their son. Who went against the norm and changed the narrative in his favour as far as fighting poverty is concern.

Bobrisky before altering his skin tone could be described as a normal wayward Nigerian. But the skin whitening procedure he went through was the game changer. It got him quick notice and the popularity is still increasing.

Every now and then we see a mad Nigerian come onto the national stage with that singular purpose of SHOCKING us. To encourage our anger and expose our natural hate for certain things.

That was exactly what Bobrisky did, he came and took away our right not to be visually disturbed. He broke the cultural accord and from that waywardness reintroduced the reign of drag queens and human baby dolls.

As Nigerians we have all responded the best way we can. Which is of course an expression of violent hate and verbal condemnation. A vice that was also shared by the many Nigerian pastors who couldn’t stomach the white washed monster.

But in the hurry to cast first stone we forget that Bobrisky come from a home and has Nigerian parents. And we already know that majority of Nigerian parents hate sexual deviants with a passion.

To imagine the initial response of his parents depending on how vivid your imagination can get, is enough to bring both laughter and what it means to experience domestic chaos in a Nigerian household.

The threat of fire and brimstone is one of the few mental disadvantage a Nigerian parent would readily put on the table, to dissuade a mischievous child.

But I guess by the time Bobrisky intentions of becoming part of the Nigerian homosexual celebrities became known, it was already too late. It was made clear at that junction that their child was beyond deliverance.

Having a child like Bobrisky is every Nigerian parents worse nightmare. Because that kind of child is not just a family disappointment but a community disgrace.

The bad example that parents would use as notice board for the young ones growing up who still don’t know what it means to be a community pariah.

As for Bobrisky parents we can imagine that it was too late to do anything that could reverse the unfortunate affair. Too late, to turn back the hands of time and abort the one pregnancy that was doomed to bring them shame.

A child is an everlasting appendage. Whether good or bad, it is hard to completely cut them off even if we want to. And that is the feeling of hopelessness that crept into their hearts when Bobrisky became the face of a cultural abomination.

And whether they like what he has become or not, he remains their child. The larger family can distance themselves but there is no running from someone that is our kin by blood.

So it must be a terrible situation for those with homophobic tendencies in the family. The hate they must feel anytime the Bobrisky scandal is raised and any time he shows up for family gathering.

The silent torture!

Bobrisky parents are among the few in the country suffering social stigma because of the social adventures of their kids and they are not going to be the last.

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