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Timaya Twerking On His Aged Mother

Timaya Twerking on his aged mother is a sight to behold.

The Egberi Papa of Bayelsa State was having tremendous fun at the expense of his mother who could not help but smile at the playfulness of a child who have refused to be anything else but her child.


But this is what life should look like. Putting smiles on the faces of our mothers in any way possible.

It doesn’t matter if you are a Nigerian Celebrity or not.

For Timaya, that would be him Twerking to Sean Paul’s dance hall tune.

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Nigerian Entertainment News

Tasha Is An Example of “Never Giving Up”

We all remember Tacha! That fierce and beautiful lady from the riverine area of Nigeria who almost won the 2019 Big Brother Show.

But lost it because of her inability to control her raging emotions.

Yes! That Tacha!

And today she is the subject of this particular Nigerian Entertainment News.

The show is over but obviously not for her. It seems she would be staying in the limelight for a long time to come.

She has become a Nigerian Celebrity after all.


She now has new a manager in the person of Tee Billz, the former husband of Tiwa Savage.

Who has promised to redeem her soiled image and even make her a huge brand on the African scene. And that change is already becoming her new look.

Read: Timaya Twerking On His Aged Mother


The constant nudity that we know her for has almost completely disappeared from her social media page.

I can confidently confirm that a lot of her followers are not happy about that and are hoping this would change in the future.

Tacha is showing the world that she has a strong spirit fueling her determination to succeed.

Despite the massive hate and the social media craze that saw majority of the Big Brother show viewers pouring insults on her.

From calling her a whore to the famous shame tactic of her body odour issues.

We are seeing a new Tacha, evolving into a new kind of woman. Stealing the shows and the social media appeal now and again.

She is refusing to give up and that is worth emulating.

She is showing her strong side, which can serve as a valuable lesson to you and you out there.

A lesson that teaches, that unless we give up nobody can keep us chained.

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