It Is Absurd To Ask Of Bobrisky Net Worth

I think it is a very misguided errand that people are actually making inquiries about Bobrisky net worth as if she has economic value outside the usual petty gains of an undercover homosexual.

Unlike a Davido net worth analysis that is possible because of his value as a big musical brand in Nigeria, Bobrisky is just a nobody financially. She or he does not command economic value unless the sexual kind is now a factor to be discussed on financial papers.

Many people are of the opinion that she is into the business of skin whitening products and that, the proceeds are worth putting into consideration. Whatever profit that she is making from that trade is so insignificant when compared to Burna boy net worth or the others who are making serious money through solid investments and talent.

Bobrisky before the arrival of popularity was a nobody. One who up till date can not place before us a talent or skill worthy of moneymaking. The baby doll is just a somebody who bleached his skin beyond recognition and is now celebrated by idle minds.

This is not about hate or the usual animosity towards Nigerian homosexuals. This is about separating financial facts from fiction. This is about drawing the line, so pretenders don’t fall into the category of hardworking Nigerians making money by genuine sweat.

The best title that we can be generous with when it comes to Bobrisky is the membership of Nigerian homosexual celebrities squad. Nothing else!

I think it is wrong to celebrate Bobrisky for many reasons. For starters, he does not even bare the standard of feminine beauty worthy of worship. He is just a white washed human being.

He does not possess any reasonable talent. Which means people are now celebrating mediocrity and valuelessness. This individual represent some of the vices troubling our society today.

He is an undercover homosexual and it is wrong to worship or celebrate sexuality. And I care not if it is about heterosexuals or bisexual. Sexual fame should be given the silent treatment at best.

Whatever money or degree of opulence Bobrisky expresses. It should be known that, those are the proceeds from his sexual value. He is flaunting the profits made from his abnormal sexual escapades.

And that is why a Bobrisky’s net worth is a no go area. We can’t talk bout it because by just simply acknowledging it, we indirectly endorses the lifestyle.

So stop looking for a Bobrisky net worth unless you want to know how much you can make setting up a baby doll and homosexual brand. He is not the kind of role model you need when it comes to making money.

There is nothing wrong with reading about Don Jazzy net worth or Linda Ikeji net worth, these individuals are the hard working entrepreneurs, no matter the few details of sin they obviously possess.

I believe when net worth is being discussed, it should be a story of hard work and the success that comes after a Long journey of hardship and persistence.

And not a caricature of the human story. Not the about an abnormality that is a joke and insult to both personal and cultural values.

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