What About Our Favorite Nigerian Homosexual Celebrities?

Nigerian Homosexual Celebrities

  • There are many Nigerian homosexual celebrities but hiding in the closet is the only way to avoid becoming victims of hate and possible violence.

There are many Nigerian homosexual celebrities in the entertainment industry and whether we like it or not many of them are our favorite celebrities.

Nigerian homosexuals come in different shades and colours. Many are politicians and Nigerian pastors. People of high status in society.

Others come from a category of people engaged in the practice only according to the specification of a certain Nigerian herbalist, for a purpose tied to a ritual outcome.

But there is another category of gay people in the country and that space belong to closeted Nigerian homosexual celebrities.

They are the Nigerians enjoying a massive amount of Nigerian love and support and in order to continue enjoying that favour it is important to hide that part of their lives.

Of course we have heard stories and rumours about Nigerian celebrities allegedly caught in the practice.

But a rumour it remains because we are yet to see proof or evidence cementing these claims as facts.

We are all aware of the obvious disdain the typical Nigerian man has for homosexuality and we all know that he would readily abuse and distance himself from anyone caught in the act.

But whether we like it or not, there are those few famous Nigerian singers and Nollywood actors out there that we have come to adore that might actually be practicing homosexuality in private.

What then happens when we discover the truth about this few?

Do we automatically begin to hate them or see them as a living taboo, forgetting the times they made us smile while acting or singing as entertainers?

There will always be homosexuals amongst us, no matter how much we preach against it. That is a fact.

And there is little we can do about it. The times are changing and even teenage Nigerians are learning to pick bad bad habits as serious lifestyle changes. Many that our culture would frown upon.

But what we can actually do is react to it. So I ask again, what would you do if one day our favourite Nigerian celebrities come out as homosexuals?

Would you scream or stay quiet?

Would you accept them or reject them?

As for those wondering if there are homosexuals in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry then the below paragraph from a past Interview with Mr. Ibu should suffice.

If you go to my page on Facebook, I fight vehemently against homosexuals; both gays and lesbians because these are viruses in the industry that kill the spirit. It is not good at all. There is no harassment as I speak to you; the harassment is within same sexes. Men harass themselves, and women harass themselves, so they are wonderfully preparing themselves for the devil, and I tell you, they will all go to hell.”

That is a Nigerian actor complaining about the industry and how it is becoming a den of perverts. A safe haven for Nigerian homosexual celebrities, almost made immune by their celebrity status.

Look elsewhere in the world and you would easily realize that homosexuality is a product of the entertainment industry.

And if people are still ignorant of the fact that Nollywood is like an harvesting ground for these kind of habits then they know little about the powerful relationship between sex and arts.

We have heard tales of some very popular Nollywood actors caught up in this web but on this post there shall be no name calling.

Sex empowers art and easily breeds sexual perversion as a bye product of that symbiotic union.

Most of the most handsome Nigerian actors in the industry have had rumours of homosexuality tied to their brand.

And because Nollywood is a part of Nigeria it is safe to naturally assume that such an habit that is already a big issue in the larger society should be a part of the industry.

I believe a day will come, when certain Nigerian homosexual celebrities would break free from their individual closets and speak their truth.

But they would have to run out of the country for their own safety after doing that. Because life would go upside down for them immediately after the announcement.

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