Nigerian Homosexuals And The Facts Before us

The life of  Nigerian homosexuals is like the narrow path to heaven. It is difficult and ruled with fear. It is criminal to have feelings for another man and that kind of feeling can actually get you killed even before you are jailed for it.

There is one very solid fact and that is, majority of Nigerian hate homosexuals and homosexuality. And many of them would easily become murderers just to express this venom.

Many of these same haters see nothing wrong with lesbians, but that is just a minority within this hate group.

I call them hate group not to condemn them but to highlight the fact that hate is the passion driving them as a collective force.

Personally I have not evolved to the level where I can actually accept homosexuality as a practice or idea but I don’t see myself killing anybody so that I can show that I am different.

Despite the hate of the majority, more and more teenagers are buying into the practice not because they were born that way buy simply as a means of survival.

I remember one time back in Lagos, during my teenage years. A friend of mine who hawk roasted groundnuts in one of the Lagos seaports.

Reported how a certain white sailor who at that time was his biggest customer was begging for anal sex at a price of 300 dollar.

Which was a huge cash, especially because we were from Ajegunle and poverty don’t allow that kind of cash flow on an every day basis without first loosing a part of our humanity.

And that was how he felt when the sailor made the request. Back then homosexuality was not a big issue and in fact people talk about the subject in silent disgust.

Today this sexual preference is rampant both as an idea and a practice and just like my friend, many are now into the practice as a means to an end.

Not because God made them that way.

The teenagers of today are picking up sexual habits contrary to our cultures through the movies they watch as well.

They have seen so many sexual abnormalities that it has become so common. It is no longer strange nor considered a taboo. Because it is now all they see on videos.

Maybe there are those who are born that way. I don’t know and I don’t really care but no matter the category you find yourself. You would agree with me that as Nigerian homosexuals, fear is a constant factor. Nigerian Homosexuals

1. Fear

Nigerian homosexuals live in constant fear. Not necessarily the fear of God but the fear of fellow Nigerians ready to kill them or brutally humiliate them at the slightest notice.

Nigerian homosexuals are like the earthly manifestation of everything that is morally wrong with the world. At least, that is how must Nigerians see it.

Many Nigerians are of the opinion that homosexuality is the worse kind of moral decadence out there. They group the practice along with ritual killings.

It is general expectation that every Nigerian turn out to be heterosexuals, which is impossible when we look at humans at the basic levels as just animals like their cousins in the wild.

There is always a percentage that naturally stand in opposite to the norm. And it is sometimes an issue of time and seasons.

I know people (girls) who have experimented with their female friend’s and it never went beyond that first try.

There are others who are bisexuals and can easily blend into the sexual market without raising issues.

But they all live in fear because of the stigma and the eventual harm that can come their way.

Ladies actually find it easy but it is the gay men that are furiously hated and are quick to meet their death in the hands of Nigerians who hate such things.

Even in the hands of Nigerians who can’t bring themselves to kill another human. These Nigerian homosexuals still get the beating of their life.

Many male Nigerians are afraid of the possibility of rape. We have all heard stories of men getting raped by homosexual men.

Arm robbers who steal peoples material wealth and in the very presence of wife, daughters and family members take turn raping the husband and other males in that house.

It is scary!

So the fear is a back and forth thing and for most Nigerians, it is beat to murder them all than allow a practice that endangers the anal freedom of men in the country.

This fear on the part of homosexuals in the country has promoted many to live in the closet, pretending to be something else.

2. Pretence

Many Nigerian homosexuals are hiding in the closet. They are afraid of their lives going up in flames.

Many of them have perfected the disguise that it is almost shocking when their cover is blown and the wrath if stigma and humiliation is imposed on them.

It is the fear of what family and society would say and and do that has forced many Nigerian homosexuals into marriage that are against their inner lust.

Marriage that eventually breed hate and anger on the part of unsatisfied wives whose bitterness has led many of these homosexuals to their untimely death.

Many Nigerian pastors are homosexuals. Many no longer able to lead a double life has in the past come out of the closet. And that was the end of peace and safety. They had to go into hiding.

A lot of Nigerian politicians are into the practice. Most of them for the simple pleasures of it while for the vast majority, they go into the act for spiritual and ritualistic reasons.

I know ladies who are bisexuals sleeping with their best friends and sisters right there in their matrimonial homes, for the simple reason of safety.

We have heard of Nigerian men who got married but has never touched their wives. Not even for a day.

In Nigeria, homosexuality is a practice of pretence. Many people are into the practice in secret and in the open, they maintain a straight face.

3. Travelling Abroad

The only way to live their truth is to travel abroad where homosexuality is considered a normal human behavior.

Nigerian homosexuals are all trying to get visa out of the country. To a new start that allows them the right to express sexual freedom.

Just look at all the gay people speaking out against the harsh treatments against homosexuals in the country. All of them are outside the country.

It is easy to disguise your homosexuality in Nigeria as a drag queen or cross dresser and be allowed to live.

But come out as a gay man talking up ad down and it is only a matter of time before you are made to suffer.

Maybe in the future but today. In today’s Nigeria, people would heap their frustration on anyone that allows it.

And being an homosexual is automatically allowing every frustrated Nigerian to take out their frustration on you, in the most violent of ways.

And it is not just a Nigerian thing. Africa frowns at the practice of homosexuality and many are ready to kill.

So of you are among the many closeted Nigerian homosexuals in the country and would like a safe haven, stay clear of African countries or you are a dead meat.

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