Sade Adu Nationality And Some of the Facts

Sade Adu Nationality

  • Sade Adu Nationality makes her a biracial woman with a Nigerian and English parentage. She is a British Nigerian.

Today we shall be making mention of Sade Adu Nationality and the fact that she is the first Nigerian to win Grammy award, a fact that can find on different Nigerian celebrity news sites.

She is one of the biggest names on different lists of American celebrities that are Nigerian out there no matter the hands responsible for the compilation.

I am aware of the conflicting report on the matter. I am aware that a lot of people are of the opinion that the title belong to Lekan Babalola and that she is British.

But I am here to state otherwise.

For those already accustomed to my current flow, you know already that i am all about telling the success stories of Nigerians who have accomplished uncommon feats.

And it doesn’t matter if they are footballers or the usual Nigerian Celebrities who wouldn’t allow our internet feed the chance to relax.

Regardless, I am adding this post to our growing list of Naija News.

First and foremost, She is a Nigerian before anything else!

And secondly, when it comes to the musical world, The Grammy is a big deal. And to have it connected to Nigerian music in anyway is a good thing.

That is why we shall be naming correctly the first Nigerian to win the award.

Sade Adu Nationality

And unlike the erroneous claim associating the title to Lekan Babalola, this post aims to set the record straight.

It is an accepted fact in many quarters that Lekan Babalola who won his first Grammy in 2006 for his work on Ali Farka Touré ‘s “In the Heart of the Moon” is the first Nigerian to win Grammy Award.

This claim can only be accepted if and only if we are ready to deny the obvious fact that Helen Folasade Adu, commonly known as Sade Adu is also a Nigerian. The fact that she is also British does not change Sade Adu nationality from that of a Nigerian as well.

Sade Audu born to a Yoruba Father (Adebisi Adu) and an English district nurse (Anne Hayes) won alongside her band Sade her first Grammy Award in 1986.

The band won a Grammy Award for Best New Artist that year.

And that was in 1986. So it is kind of crazy to hear people talk about Lekan Babalola when the subject is brought up for discussion.

Except their perspective on the matter is drawn from the small difference in the structure of their parentage.

While Lekan both parents are Nigerians, Sade’s parentage is a mixture of white and black.

But even that is a none issue!

The First Nigerian To Win Grammy Award, The Shared Similarities With Lekan.

  • Both Lekan and Sade Adu share the same Yoruba ancestry.
  • Both of them are multiple Grammy award winners.
  • Both of them were born in Nigeria, while Sade Adu left Nigeria at an early age, Lekan would leave in 1980.
  • Their success story started years after leaving Nigeria behind.
  • They both hold British citizenship.
  • While Sade won her Grammy Awards alongside her band, Lekan won his, as part of other artistes projects.
  • They both perfected their craft through membership of various bands.
  • Both of them share the same Alma mater “Saint Martin’s School of Art
  • Sade Adu has remain active since 1982 to present, while Lekan musical career started a year after from 1983 to present.
  • The both of them are into Jazz music. While Sade is into Smooth Jazz, Lekan’s own version is what can be described as Afro Jazz.

Sade Adu has been credited as one of the most successful British female artists in history.

The importance of her role in British music would earn her the honor of the Officer of the Order of the British Empire in 2002, and later the rank of the Commander of the same order in 2017.

Other Details On Sade Adu

She was married to film director Carlos Pliego . The marriage lasted from 1989 to 1995.

She has only one child Mickailia “Ila” Adu, who came out as a transgender in 2016.

I believe if nothing else this post on Sade Adu Nationality and the fact that she is the first Nigerian to win Grammy Award must have educated you enough on the subject matter. You can find similar posts in our Naija News section.

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