The Most Tallest Building In Nigeria _Nitel Building

The Most Tallest Building In Nigeria

Before i commence with this Naija News on the Most Tallest Building in Nigeria i would like to remind the readers of this blog that there is a similar post with almost the same title, the first storey building in Nigeria which i believe to be an interesting historical read.

Just like the first storey building this particular tall structure is located in Lagos. And also serves as a lighthouse beacon for Lagos Harbor.

They call the most tallest building in Nigerian, NECOM House ( Nigerian External Communications). But it still goes by other names as well such as Nitel Building,Nitel Tower and NET Building.

Many Nigerians like to believe that the Necom House is the tallest building in Africa, which is so far from the truth. But who would blame them when that falsehood is already being populated by various articles on the internet too afraid to update their old blog posts with new information.

The Most Tallest Building In Nigeria

Necom House

The tallest building in Africa is actually located in South Africa.

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The Leonardo

The Leonardo is what that building is called and it is a 55 floor mixed-use property  currently under construction in Sandton that, when completed, will have reached a height of 234 metres (768 ft), 11 metres (36 ft) taller than the current tallest building in Africa, which is also located in South Africa and goes by the name Carlton Centre.

The Carlton Centre is a 50 story skyscraper and shopping centre located in downtown Johannesburg, South Africa. Standing at 223 metres (732 ft).

The Carlton Centre was designed by the US architectural firm Skidmore, Owings and Merrill.

In fact we have five buildings ahead of Nigeria in the race for the title, 3 in South Africa and 2 in Kenya. With the first and second tallest buildings located in South Africa.

But to set the record straight it is important to note that at the time of its completion it was the tallest building in West Africa. And it is made entirely with concrete.

The tallest building in Nigeria is measured at 526 ft, configured on a 32 storey building structure designed by Nickson Borys & Partners. And it is mainly used for office usage.

The building itself was completed in 1979 and was engulfed in fire in 1983 which caused huge damage to the building and the second fire incident was  in 2015 which affected only the top of the building.

The Most Tallest Building In Nigeria

Necom House

The building is located in Lagos, Victoria Island.


The Stratosphere

It is however possible that in the near future even the title as the tallest building in the country would be taken from the old giant.

And given to a new one that is about to be erected in Abuja. They call the yet to be erected building The Stratosphere, a 64-storey building.

I like to call The Stratosphere “the proposed tallest building in Nigeria”. Because that is what it is, a mere floating imagination that is yet to meet the appointed time for manifestation.

If it is ever completed it would become the tallest building in Africa.

But until that time comes, the title remains the sole property of the Necom Building.



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