Which University is The First university In Nigeria?

The First University In Nigeria started like every other struggle in the early days of our national fight for independence. It was an attempt to prove that we could float our own educational structure and maintain our own mental growth.

We all like certain things and this, forms the basis of our most common desire. My most basic intellectual need is to know much about my reality or existence or rather the fabric it is made of.

And as a Nigerian i like to know things about my country. And just like the post on the first storey building in Nigeria, i also would like to share some facts about the first university in Nigeria.

And that University would be the University of Ibadan or UI! And she is all today’s Naija News would be talking about.

This university was established in 1948 as the University College of Ibadan, as a College of the University of London which was responsible for the supervision of its academic programs and awarded degrees until 1967.

  • The establishment of the university of Ibadan was prompted by the recommendation of the Asquith and the Elliot Commissions on Higher Education in the then British colonies, that two University Colleges of the University of London be set up in Ghana and Nigeria.
  • It was structured upon the existing structure of the Yaba College which was created in 1932 in Yaba, Lagos, as the first tertiary educational institute in Nigeria, with the sole aim of providing post-secondary vocational education and teacher training to Africans.
  • The staff and student community was craved out from Yaba college, to form the new University College of Ibadan.
  • The University was declared open on 18 January 1948 but became a full-fledged independent university in early 1963.
  • Rt. Hon. Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa ( the first Prime Minister of Nigeria  ) in late 1963 would become the first Chancellor of the university.
  • While  Kenneth Dike (a Nigerian historian), would become first Nigerian vice-chancellor of the university.
  • Even though it is considered as the first university in Nigeria, it would not become autonomous till 1963. Unlike the university of Nigeria established as an autonomous university in 1960.

And there you have it. The essentials details about the first university in Nigeria.

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